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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Video Converter

Includes conversion profiles optimized by type of device you can easily find the most appropriate conversion solution for the device. Split a large file into smaller divided according to the length or size. Set various output formats for the same file in different formats becomes a parameter of time. Specify an output file size and calculate the corresponding bit rates in an instant with high quality. Offer an adjustment range of video, audio, image, etiquette and experts. Video Converter convert the multiple files with multi threading and batch.
Start processing the application in the background to free up CPU resources to run other applications. Preset conversion to action and the application automatically performs the desired action after completing its task order, hibernate, and stand by, the application output. Check the source files of different formats simultaneously. Video converter for Mac split a large file in several by customized size or time interval. Preview edited video and compares with the original side by side in real time. Changing the system automatically shutdown, hibernate, stand by, close the application or do anything when the conversion is complete. Set the iPad Video Converter in the background to save CPU resources for other purposes.