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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Choose a camp that provides high-tech communication

Believe it or not, there are camp sites that provide campers the same amenities one would usually find in civilization. Email facilities, fax as well as phone equipment are available in a New Zealand camp site called Old Macdonalds. That is if you prefer to surf the internet while enjoying the comfort and glory of the natural outdoors.

This type of camp is perfect for those who might want to be in touch with their business or personal affairs while at the camping grounds. This type of camp strikes a balance between the rugged outdoors and the comfort and convenience of modern technology.

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Color your world

Or at least, have campers carry trash bags that are colored brightly. Once lost, these bags could be used as a device to signal to the others your location. Also, the bags could be used during an emergency like when it is cold outside and they need temporary shelter. Simply cut a slit at the bag’s top and have it pull through the head. Believe it or not, this plastic bag could serve as an effective albeit temporary protection that could keep a kid camper alive through the night.

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Familiarize yourself with the surroundings

Once you arrive in the camp, make sure that you and the campers immediately familiarize yourself with the surroundings. Try to take note of any noticeable landmarks that are around. A large tree perhaps, yet make sure these landmarks are locatable in relation to the campsite. Familiarize yourself with the surroundings and make the place wonderful. Be Happy and enjoy.

First aid kit: what to pack and how

To better understand your first aid kit, do not forget to bring in a manual. The American Red Cross provides a good one.

Also, a small Swiss Army Knife is a very useful tool to have on a camping trip. An emergency blanket should be brought as well. Be aware that a blanket made of wool could get wet and after which may smell bad and take forever to dry. There are emergency blankets that are light weight and are easily packed.

A razor blade is great for removing splinters. Another tool to bring on a camping trip is a magnifying glass.
In addition to finding pesky slivers a magnifying glass can be effective for starting fires on a sunny day.

Another handy and useful item to bring is a mirror. Mirrors are useful especially when signaling for help.

A thermometer is another item that could be brought on a camping trip.

A cold pack can be included to prevent any exhaustion that is caused by heat. It could also be used to treat away burns, sprains, bruises, swelling, toothaches and headaches.

A water packet – the sterilized kind – usually containing about four ounces of water is an efficient and useful item used for water drinking and cleaning a wound. Fortunately, this item has a shelf life of five years.

For wounds, a medical tape should also be brought in. Also, try to pack in threads and a needle. Gloves, safety pin, scissors, eye dressing, band aid as well as a wrap bandage that is elastic.

For any injuries involving the shoulder or arms, a triangular bandage should also be brought along. Gauze pads (a good supply) should also be brought as well as a bandage that is large and compressed.

A wrap gauze should also be available when camping, wipes that are antiseptic, a lip balm (to protect the lips from the sun), and Neosporin (for kids with small wounds).

Meanwhile, for adults, a pain reliever like Tylenol should also be available. For children, a non-aspirin tablet should be available. Decongestants like Dimetapp are a good medicine to bring. Antihistamines are a great option for adults. For a hot camping trip, do not forget to pack in a salt tablet.

All in all, camping is fun if you are prepared for all the activities and experiences the outdoors will bring.

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Write your way out of boredom

Try bringing a journal and write your heart out. This could include a log of the activities that you have done all through the camping trip. They may be fun and educational later on.

Study up

When in a new place, it might help if you study the area’s history. This could be a good way to tell kids the background of the area you are at. It may also be a nice story to tell around camp fires.

Board games, dice and play

In case you get rained on, do not fret. If you have brought your trusty old dice and any easy-to-carry board game with you, playing will be just as easy as one to three and its fun too.
The game Yahtzee is one example. Card games are also easy and convenient games to bring. It fits one pocket’s easily and can bring loads of entertainment and games. Even magic tricks, if you know a few ones using cards.

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Anesthesia: Dangerous?

There are many things that you might be worried about when it comes to cosmetic surgery. If you are going under the knife, you are going to have to have anesthesia during your surgery, whether you like it or not. This is for your own benefit, because they can’t do the things that they need to do to your face and to your body if you are awake. It is to protect you from the pain that you would otherwise feel.

So, being put under is something that you are going to have to deal with. But is it safe? Many people go under the knife every day, and many people have anesthesia every day and are also fine. However, there is always a risk to it.

This is what makes cosmetic surgery so interesting. People who get anesthesia (no matter what they are getting put under for) are always taking a risk. It is something that often reacts poorly with some people, and sometimes there are grave consequences, such as death. People have ended up in comas and have ended up paralyzed because their bodies do not react well with the anesthesia. However, with a surgery that is designed to cure you or fix a problem it is often a risk that people take because they know that their chances of getting hurt from the anesthesia are low. They are there, but they are low, and they feel that the benefits of whatever surgery they are having are going to outweigh these risks. However, with cosmetic surgery, you aren’t doing something that is going to save your life or make you better, you are simply changing the way that you look. So, you have to look at this small chance of something going wrong with the anesthesia and say that you might indeed be taking a risk that isn’t worth it in the end.

You should know that the greatest risk is in those that are older or are weaker for some other reason. If you have never been put under before, be sure to talk about this with the doctor before your procedure. You want him to be aware that this is your first time so that he can watch you for any adverse reaction to the anesthesia. Also, if you have had problems in the past, you absolutely need to mention these to the doctor because there is a chance that this might reoccur.

Horrible Hairballs

Cats get hairballs mainly because they spend so much time cleaning themselves. Although cats do not like water, they do like being very clean at all times, and they do so, of course, my licking their fur. You cat probably grooms many times every day. Because cats also shed, they swallow a lot of their own hair. Most of this passes naturally through the cat’s system, but occasionally the hair becomes matted and entwined in the stomach, causing a hairball that is too large to pass through the system. When this happens, the cat vomits the hairball.

If your cat seems to have an abnormally high amount of hairballs, you should talk to you veterinarian. About a quarter of all digestive blockages in cats come from hairballs that cannot pass or be vomited and this can make you cat very sick. Huge hairballs that size of baseballs have been known to form in a cat’s stomach. A hairball of that size can easily kill your cat.

When in doubt, call your cat’s veterinarian. Animal doctors are specially trained to help you help your pets. When you report health abnormalities to your veterinarian, you are able to best keep your cat healthy and safe, no matter how many hairballs may form.