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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Too much green tea is harmful

El té verde.

Today we will talk about a well known and consumed beverage worldwide, is green tea. The same is especially renowned for the many beneficial properties it has. However, as we know, any type of food, however good it is, ends up being consumed excessively harmful. We tell you what are the consequences of exceeding this drink.

One of the main uses is given to this plant in the summer diet, since fat intake can eliminate through altered metabolism, therefore, tend to drink in large quantities, which can generate disturbances the liver.

Many studies have shown that green tea polyphenols have a direct action on the oxidation and removal of fat from the body, though, the unknown effects it can have on the human body in general and what are the exact amounts that we eat to be effective and not harmful.

Because of this, drinking is contraindicated in people with heart disease, arrhythmia, ulcer, pregnancy, liver problems, since it produces stimulant effects in all cases and its excess can increase heart rate and trigger a series of negative processes for our health.

Finally, we can not overlook the fact that green tea can cause liver toxicity as well as being incompatible with the ingestion of certain drugs. It is therefore essential that we consult with a specialist when swallowed, so that we can take better care of our health.

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