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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Watch strap

HIRSCH handmade leather straps are handmade - one at a time and the process is more than 60 steps. reptile skins are beautiful punched seams are sewn, varnish applied with care. The Classic collection offers unique watch bracelets in leather technology HIRSCH. All leather straps Sauna tested and water resistant. Some straps watch collection is up to 100 meters water resistant and Hirsch allergies. The set is made of stainless steel dull or shiny metals, classical designs, elegant wonderland, or various combinations of modern materials. Spare tube HIRSCH strap system to provide for the whole individual. Stand a series of natural rubber watchstrap, functional, clear forms and innovative materials shows that the sporty design fits perfectly comfortable to use. HIRSCH provides a link to the metal straps to meet your individual needs. All straps is nickel plated and have a high quality PVD method, which increases the wear resistance and therefore the quality of these bracelets, gold plating more than the standard found in most of the bracelets. In addition, it offers many HIRSCH spare tubes clock, which allows easy adjustment different sizes. Natural rubber has specific technical features, as it is stable and tear-resistant, absolutely waterproof, and especially skin friendly, very characteristics that make each model unique to this collection in a single specialty.