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Monday, January 31, 2011

Gold Investment

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Customer Relationship

A book produced by the AACC Marketing Services and PVA from the results of the Relationship Score (RSC) from 2004 to 2009.

In 2004, the Delegation Marketing Services AACC (Association of communication agencies) decided to develop, with the BVA institute, a measurement tool for assessing the quality of a brand relationship with its customers.

Called Relationtionship Score, this barometer auscultates each year new areas, commercial or non-merchants.

This study is currently the only way to compare the performance of these brands across all sectors, but also to compare the different sectors together.

22 sectors (market and non-commercial) have been studied since 2004, representing some 191 companies rated by over 20,000 consumers interviewed over the links they have managed to create with them.

To sustain the results collected throughout the 6 years of education agencies delegation Marketing Services AACC BVA and wanted to publish as a book can enrich qualitative data reviews , analysis and interviews with specialists and large advertisers.

The sale of food products on the Internet: an inventory in 2009

This study reviews the food market on the internet.

The first part aims to provide a statistical report of electronic commerce as a whole and the sale of food products on the Internet in particular.

In this part of her also identified the main barriers and drivers to purchase such products from the perspective of consumers.

The second part aims to describe the stakeholders and analyze their methods of operation.

According to this study, online shoppers are still too few to buy food online.

Using the Internet for food purchases is not an answer to a situation of regular races, but rather an appropriate option for some situations the existence (business activity overloaded, travel difficulties, toddler in the home ...) and often are only temporary.

Consumption of food products online should grow over the long term.