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Sunday, June 13, 2010


With high definition and optical audio in full swing, people are updating their home audio systems for digital compatibility. Car receivers were a crucial component to great sounding car audio, and they provided superior sound compared to the stereo that came with my car. Panasonic CQ- C14 series has specially designed rotary control knob located on the front of the head units gave my system the look and feel of a quality home stereo. A component car speaker system was a more expensive system that consisted of a separate woofer and a tweeter and the benefit of this separation was that these components can be positioned for a more accurate high end response and a wider stereo image. Plan tronics voyager 855 designed for music enabled phones; seamlessly switch between calls and music with the same headset. Audio IQ two way noise reduction technologies digitally enhance sound to improve call quality. Whistler Radar detector was a piece of equipment that warns me to of nearby police, so I could push the speed limit a bit and even buildings can set off the mechanism. Bluetooth GPS travel tracker could store more waypoints while comparing others. It could pair with my mobile device to work as a wireless Bluetooth.

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