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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Shelf corporations

Shelf corporations usually form Nevada, and have a neutral name. Once I make my payment, they provided me with the list of corporations available so I could pick the name that I like the best. I then filed a fictitious name certificate for the trade name I want to use, such as ABC enterprises inc., doing business as a duper business that way I could use my trade name instead of the actual business name. They strongly advised me that I do not change the name of the Shelf Corporations file a trade name instead. While using this I got more amazing business credit such as I could protect my personal credit and I could boost my credibility. My lenders were very impressed and I won more customers as well as I won government contracts. They negotiate longer payment terms with my major suppliers and obtained vehicle and equipment leases and loans with no personal guarantees. I got more unsecured financing faster at the same I got investors to invest in my business.This shelf corporation helped me a lot. So whether I have good credit, no credit or bad credit if you are really serious about building amazing business credit and obtaining the most unsecured financing for your business in the shortest amount of time. I strongly say that this is the Cheapest Shelf Corporations.

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