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Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Car Connection

Dodge ram is a full size pickup truck manufactured by Chrysler. Dodge ram is among the best of its kind, with powerful V-8 engines, good ride quality from an independent front suspension, and an especially well executed interior that is a magnitude better than the cabins even in some Chrysler sedans. It has usual variety of body, bed, and drive trains are offered. The dodge ram offered the usual choice of standard, extended and crew cab bodies; two bed lengths and rear or four wheel drive. The fully customized luxury SUV, previewed here, is the creation of off road specialists Icon 4x4 design. The tuner’s approach with the lexus lx was to give it a clean and stealthy appurtenance through clever use of colors and trim, then top with performance improvements to further enhance the appeal of the vehicle. It also included a matte two tone gray paint job, black chrome trim and badging, a cleaned surface devoid of side rails and roof racks, carbon fiber interior trim and full tinted windows. The mazda mazda5 is a compact minivan, with seating for six and sliding rear doors. With compact dimensions compared with other minivans their editors have called it a seven eights scale minivan.

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