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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ophthalmic Instruments

Al Latham and Phillips, they offer a full range of solutions for a wide range of eye equipment manufacturers such as Canon - Canon range, ophthalmic diagnostic equipment is the most up to date with the digital retinal cameras, auto-refractors, the worlds’ first ton meter alignment completely automatic, and software to improve patient care. It comes with a wide angle of view available in today’s market, Canon cameras to extend the boundaries of photography of the retina and improve the diagnostic quality of eye care. They are proud to be recognized as one of the first ophthalmic instrument companies that are leaders in both ophthalmic equipment sales and repairs. Their division is based in the Atlanta metropolitan area where we are able to serve most of the southern states. Their price and support helps to make us stand out as the first choice when it comes to buying Ophthalmic Instruments from trusted brands. Moreover, their vast experience in the repair ophthalmic prepared us to meet almost any repair situation arises. The important thing for us is customer satisfaction. They strive to set new standards by providing outstanding customer service. The only downside to buying used instruments is that they are used. Therefore they need repairs before eye than if they were new, but not much. Ophthalmic equipment is very sensitive, because the precision of their measurements.

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  1. Do you have ophthalmic equipment sales going on for any of your items right now? If not, is there a time you normally have one? I am very interested.