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Thursday, November 4, 2010

First aid kit: what to pack and how

To better understand your first aid kit, do not forget to bring in a manual. The American Red Cross provides a good one.

Also, a small Swiss Army Knife is a very useful tool to have on a camping trip. An emergency blanket should be brought as well. Be aware that a blanket made of wool could get wet and after which may smell bad and take forever to dry. There are emergency blankets that are light weight and are easily packed.

A razor blade is great for removing splinters. Another tool to bring on a camping trip is a magnifying glass.
In addition to finding pesky slivers a magnifying glass can be effective for starting fires on a sunny day.

Another handy and useful item to bring is a mirror. Mirrors are useful especially when signaling for help.

A thermometer is another item that could be brought on a camping trip.

A cold pack can be included to prevent any exhaustion that is caused by heat. It could also be used to treat away burns, sprains, bruises, swelling, toothaches and headaches.

A water packet – the sterilized kind – usually containing about four ounces of water is an efficient and useful item used for water drinking and cleaning a wound. Fortunately, this item has a shelf life of five years.

For wounds, a medical tape should also be brought in. Also, try to pack in threads and a needle. Gloves, safety pin, scissors, eye dressing, band aid as well as a wrap bandage that is elastic.

For any injuries involving the shoulder or arms, a triangular bandage should also be brought along. Gauze pads (a good supply) should also be brought as well as a bandage that is large and compressed.

A wrap gauze should also be available when camping, wipes that are antiseptic, a lip balm (to protect the lips from the sun), and Neosporin (for kids with small wounds).

Meanwhile, for adults, a pain reliever like Tylenol should also be available. For children, a non-aspirin tablet should be available. Decongestants like Dimetapp are a good medicine to bring. Antihistamines are a great option for adults. For a hot camping trip, do not forget to pack in a salt tablet.

All in all, camping is fun if you are prepared for all the activities and experiences the outdoors will bring.

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