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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Hi pals! Hope you all doing good and I am very happy to see you all again here. And, at the moment I am going to share you all my acquaintance about squirrels. The squirrel is such a familiar sight to us in parks or in the country that we might imagine that our own land is its home. Actually, there are squirrels in every part of the world except Australia! In fact there are very many different kinds of squirrels. Squirrels form a separate family of rodents, or gnawing animals. They are divided into two general groups the ground squirrels and the tree squirrels. Tree squirrels, as a rule, spend the winter in some hollow tree trunk, which they line with leaves and twigs. In the spring, they often build another home high up in the treetops. There they raise their families of from four to six young. The flying squirrels differ from all other squirrels in having the skin on their sides enlarged into flaps. When the animals stretch out their legs, these flaps, like the planes of a glider, help them to shoot through the air.

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