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Friday, December 24, 2010


Any inflammation in the body leads to a significant immune response. Natural enzymes, which gets the body supplied by the diet, encouraging rapid healing process.

Counter inflammation

Enzymes, which are supplied to the body of enzyme-rich foods or dietary supplements such, can trap the free radicals and thus promote a rapid healing process. Because the food contained in the present time, however, hardly any active enzymes, is a recommended intake enzymatically active food concentrates.

Prerequisite for a functioning immune system is a healthy bowel. Note that you are sitting 80% of the immune system in the gut! If there is a disturbance of the intestinal flora, weakening the immune system. The weaker the immune system, the slower is the process of regeneration of the body. The inflammation persists and is located along the mucous membranes that run from the intestine into the head area, spread and thus a burden ultimately the whole organism. For this reason, the situation at each intestinal inflammation in the body is considered so very special.

To contribute to inflammation contrary, we need a holistic approach that includes both the detailed analysis of eating habits, as well as a corresponding recommendation for a fundamental gut renovation included.

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