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Friday, January 7, 2011

Collectibles: the care and emotion

It is now very familiar with collector editions, which come 'dressed' with a new decor, generally more luxurious, more creative, our favorite scents, especially at the end of the year. These versions limited life usually turn to the faithful of the product, giving it a new design more amazing, more fun, and more valuable. The idea is not new, and fits perfectly with the contribution of emotional design in the fantasy world of perfume.
With care, ultra-rational universe if any, unless the idea is déjà vu and started making his way. It was seen as collectors for the pot of Nivea cream, regularly revisited (eg by the designer Fifi Chachnill ), the vial of the precious water from the prodigious oil from Nuxe tubeEight Hour Cream of Elizabeth Arden. This year for Christmas, the DJ and host Ariel Wizman, figure in Parisian nightlife, which revisits Nickel Morning After version collector .
All these products have in common that they transcended the mere condition of skin care products to go with the years, in a more rewarding 'cult products'. These formulas are often quite simple but proven, creating a link with the user that is not based solely on a heavy technological discourse ultra-rational. Consequence of their longevity and simplicity, the emotional bond with their followers appears stronger, and justifies the existence of those collectors who come to 're-enchant' the universe prior ultra-sound and serious skincare.
It is also one of the strongest trends: with the suffocation of the high tech and successive assaults of a wave of ultra-luxury care / ultra-glamorous and a wave of organic skin care, the emotional labor takes care of it. Brands seek to preserve or build a relationship with consumers less rational, that this type of collector edition contributes effectively.

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