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Monday, April 25, 2011

Criminal Proceedings

A more (by Miguel Angel Montoya) in legal practice is using the criminal law as "an option." To cite an example quite clear, the responsibility for traffic accidents with injuries can be dealt with by the (classical) civil proceedings for having caused harm, or criminal proceedings, for the mistakes / crimes of injury or damage. Recently, some scholars have chosen the latter option when there is a bit of neglect (do not observe a traffic light has not been seen for X reason is criminally negligent attitude?)

With the progressive expansion of the scope of criminal we are approaching the U.S. model, where an unpaid administrative penalty entails criminal liability. Is this the criminal model we want in our country? Regular "any conduct as a criminal act will help society feel safer? "This will influence the safety objective?” Diminish the crimes? My answers to these questions are no, and especially not to the last question, more regulating social behavior as criminal acts the crime rate in advance will increase, as will be more potentially criminal conduct and that before were not.

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