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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Types Of Protecting Our Mouth

Let's look at the different types of protection, discussing the pros and cons.

1. Ready ("off the shelf"): It is made ​​of rubber or plastic and come in certain sizes. Keep the mouth biting between the upper and lower teeth. It is easy to use and inexpensive, but provide minimal protection.
2. "Supple" mouthguards ("mouth-formed"): They consist of a hard outer shell with softer flexible interior. Heated and kept warm as the Athlete squeezes tightly between the teeth, leading to better adjustment. It provides very good protection of teeth, a convenient shape, but some consider how to use sophisticated.
3. Custom-made ("custom-made"): Produced with durable thermoplastic material, by a dentist or orthodontist, using a precise plaster casts of the teeth of the athlete. Applied directly and easily in the mouth of the player. It is comfortable, with excellent adaptation and very good protection, but it is much more expensive.
4. Amfignathia protection: built to cover both the upper and lower teeth. Forcing the jaws to be locked into a predetermined position. Provides excellent protection, but its use is limited only by local athlete injuries after causing difficulty in breathing and speech.

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