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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Penis Pumps In Use

Actually what do penis pumps do? Penis pumps are tools used for penis enlargement. These pumps consist essentially of a cylinder that can be connected is attached to the penis, and this cylinder with a hand pump or a motorized port. They can be regarded as smaller versions of vacuum pumps. Penis pump with rings which are used in the expansion process, come, called penis rings. The natural process is imitated by the erection pump so far, so excited is that sexuality in all its hormonal properties. As already known, this hormonal stimulation helps strengthen the immune system and thereby prevent the aging process. Even men in old age can get a penis pump erection.

During the expansion process, the penis is inserted into the rule in a cylinder and a manual pump is used to create suction. How do penis pumps work? A vacuum around the penis will be created with this action, and due to the presence of this vacuum, more blood will be sucked in, making the total size of the penis in this way. To maintain the erection, which is created in this way, penis rings are used in conjunction with the penis pumps in use. These rings can block on the underside of the penis, and after construction, these cock rings to the outside of the blood flow to the penis.

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