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Monday, September 12, 2011

Law Courts

This is the court system in England and Wales. The system differs in Scotland. Some countries follow the English system, but most have their won procedures. In many court rooms in the UK and elsewhere there is an image of justice as a woman, which dates from Roman times. It traditionally shows her holding scales in one hand, to show that she is impartial, and a sword to represent the power of the law. Sometimes she is blindfolded to show that justice cannot be influenced.
Country Court
Civil (non-criminal) cases are heard by a judge in a Country Court.
Magistrates’ Court
Criminal and civil cases are held before justices of the Peace or District Judges, without a jury. There are limits on the sentences and fines they can impose. Youth courts are part of Magistrates’ Courts and hear cases involving young people between 10 and 17 years age.
Crown Court
These hold trails by judge and jury for more serious criminal cases.
High Court
The high court tries civil cases and hears appeals in criminal cases.
Court of Appeal
These hear appeals against civil and criminal cases following high court and crown court convictions.
House of Lords
The house of lords is the highest court in the land and hears appeals against judgments of the Court of Appeal.
Coroners’ Courts
Coroners’ courts investigate violent and unnatural deaths or sudden deaths in which the cause is unknown.

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