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Friday, March 12, 2010


I'm late with respect to the new BMW 5 Series (code F10). Without the harsh winter and my dog painful, but I am presenting it anyway, I did overlook many novelty, is a sort of habit while I did not do. In all cases when I will find 100% of my abilities I promise I'll be the first car on the news ...
Returning to our BMW 7 Series 5 um. For it is neither more nor less than 7 in a series reduction.
The sixth generation Series 5 continues the BMW philosophy, ie dynamic sedans, or the comfort and safety is not put into the background. Regarding the design wheelbase has been lengthened, a coupe roofline so charismatic design liberates
and athletic short, it differs from the competition. We find the signature BMW front grille with the famous "bean" slightly tilted forward, and a muscular rear. Inside BMW wanted to create a perfect harmony, with a unique style and orientation of the cockpit for the driver 4. technical side the list is so long it would take me ten page, then I'll go to the essentials.
At launch the Series 5 will be available with a V8 (550i) bi turbo direct injection develops 400 horsepower. new inline 6 (the 535i)
Turbo has a "Twin Scroll" direct injection and for the first time an "accelerator VALVETRONIC", it will develop 300 horsepower. For these two types of engine transmission a 6-speed manual or automatic 8-speed. Later appear a 528i
258 horsepower 523i and 204 horses. BMW takes diesel blocks E60 530d (245 hp), 525d (204 hp) to 520d (184 hp).
Series 5 will be equipped with an active camera view Round 7 with a warning of a frontal collision, and the "stop & go", to reduce consumption. On some version (standard or optional) a 4-wheel steering as laguna gt 4 control. From the series will have 10 seat power adjustment and steering wheel automatically bow down for easy entry or exit
his car. Let's add adaptive headlights (like the Citroen DS that runs in the turns) and the presence of SLE. The 4 th generation iDrive has a bigger screen 800 * 480 1280 * 480 pixel view pixel with GPS. So here asser talk up the pictures ...

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