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Friday, March 19, 2010


CADILLAC CTS Coupe unveiled, a descendant of the concept presented in Detroit in 2008, and based on the sedan of the same name. It shares with the sedan, the same platform (chassis engine), the dashboard, headlights, front fenders and grille. Everything else is specific. Question dimensions, it has the same wheelbase as the sedan but it is 5.1 cm
less high and 5.1 cm shorter than the latter. Listed engines, the entry level
in essence is a v6 3.6 liter engine reworked it consumes less and less rejects
CO2 is cold up to 25% for a power of 304 horsepower flirt! If the 304 horses not enough for you no problem, there is the CTS-V coupe which offers nothing less than 556 hp with its V8! equipment is bloated with rims 18 "see 19" optional suspension "StabiliTrack" 14! seat adjustments (Recaro please), with radio MP3 / iPod 40 GB hard drive, GPS, reverse camera, keyless start, Bose 5.1 Cabin Surround audio. Regarding marketing in France nothing is official yet but I have good hope of one day pass on our roads.

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