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Saturday, July 10, 2010


You know the Grande Punto and now be called the Evo. As its name suggests it is an evolution of the great fiat Punto invested 215 million euros in its baby is an important pillar of the brand even if it is a can steal the show by 500 (commercially speaking ).
The evolution of the Punto has been focusing on several points.
Safety with equipment "standard" abs, ebd esp and (brakeforce distribution) Fiat adds that support for hill starts called Hill Holder, add to that seven airbags including a "knee airbag" which is rare on a city, the lights are automatic and adaptive in turn (as it turns on the Citroen DS at the time).
although the interior has been redesigned with new plastic for a better finish and new seats.
Mechanically the engines meet Euro 5 standard except for the 1.2 and 1.4 (without stop and start) the gasoline that will appear in 2010 Multiair new petrol engine and a second generation Multijet for diesel.

drives available in mid October is

- 1.2 8-valve, 65 hp (Euro 4)

- 1.4 8-valve, 77 hp (Euro 4)

- 1.4 8 valve start & stop (Euro 5)

- 1.4 105 hp multi-air start & stop (Euro 5)

- 1.4 turbo 16-valve 135 hp Multiair
(Euro 5) start & stop

Bi Fuel

- 1.4 8 valve petrol / methane 70 hp
(Euro 5)

- 1.4 8 valve petrol / LPG 77 hp (Euro 4)


- 1.3 Multijet 16v 75 hp (Euro 4)

- 1.3 Multijet II (second geneat) start & stop and particulate filter 75 hp (Euro 5)

- 1.3 Multijet 90 hp (Euro 4)

- 1.3 Multijet II start & stop and particulate filter 95 hp (Euro 5)

- 1.6 Multijet 120 bhp with particle filter

All diesel engines are 16 valve.

you tell me but what is the Multiair?
Fiat is a big engine after the direct injection diesel common rail and the fiat has filed the patent for his latest invention the Multiair.
The goal is to reduce fuel consumption while maintaining sufficient power.
This system consists of a new electro-hydraulic valve that reduces fuel consumption (by controlling the air directly through the intake valves of the engine) that can also reduce harmful emissions result with only 1.4 cubic we have 135 hp underfoot 8.5 seconds to reach 100 km / h (figures fiat) top speed exceeds 200 km / h just 205 all with an average consumption of 5.6 liters per 100 km and 129 g CO2.
diesels are not left with the second generation Multijet injector or pressure may reach 1600 bars thanks to those who are equipped with a servo-hydraulic valve that controls precisely the amount of diesel fuel injected into the combustion chamber while this to allow an injection sequence faster and more flexible with the key of harmful emissions and reduced consumption.
Punto know that the Evo offers an option Blue & me-TomTom to facilitate the adaptation of a TomTom GPS (bluetooth).

up to photos.

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