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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tips for buying a USED CAR: Mercedes - 190

Buying a used car business is not without risk, even for a car dealer. After checking the papers, which helps ensure that the vehicle is stolen, you can choose between two types of advice: 1 - If you hurry, you can start with a fairly simple series of audits, which give you an initial idea of the condition of the car. If the initial testing proves successful, you can then engage in more control détaillé.2-You can make an immediate strict control of the car or after a first cursory examination which proved positive. The road test will be the last phase of the examination of a used car. Apart from the purely technical aspects, you should avoid buying a car (used car) is not suitable for your body type. Verification rapide1-Shock: Press firmly on the four corners. If you observe more twists, this indicates that the shocks should be remplacés.2 - Corrosion Body: Refuse a car too rouillée.3-Cockpit: Check the status of the passenger because the re-lining interiors, floor mats or seat belts are expensive operations. Also check the driver's seat. If he is too depressed, the car has a lot roulé.4-Tires: Check tire condition and sculptures.5-Projectors: Make sure the screens are not broken and working corrected.6-Alignment Doors: Doors that do not align perfectly may indicate that the vehicle was seriously accident.7-Tail: Make sure the screens are not broken and working properly. "Used car": Control rigoureux1-Pay attention to the exhaust hole or deep-oxygen.2 Check if there is no oil leak on the deck arrive.3-Check if there is no discernible play in the joints transmission.4-Oil leak at the carter.5 Check-shocks do not lose their huile.Av ant to pass road test, it is appropriate to make some checks the car stopped. This is to ensure that everything works normally, starting with the security organs such as brakes and steering. We would do well to get help from a friend. To be valid, it is also necessary for direction indicators, brake lights or windshield wipers are working properly. Otherwise, even for a simple test, the driver can be considered responsible and therefore liable to a amende.OCCASION CAR: The essay on routeC'est the last phase of the review of a used car. First, avoid buying a car is not suitable for your body type. For technical issues, stop at: 1 - embrayage2-Run The gearbox changes gear quickly: the speed must pass smoothly without accrocher.3-management: On a straight stretch of road non-convex, the car should not tack or be deflected by irrégularités.4-brakes on a straight road and clear, bring the car to the speed of 40 km / h, and then shift into neutral and brake forcefully the brakes must stop the car without diverting, without grazing, balanced with a locking wheels. Check at the same speed on dry roads, the handbrake tightening it gradually: it must lead to net-ralentissement.5 Engine Make pick up speed in the car, gently at first, then more vigorously. The acceleration should be free and fair, otherwise there is a lack of ignition or fuel. The car must also be able to run smoothly at 50 km / h in fourth on level ground. Speed then back: the car must be capable of taking regular speed. Finally, try the engine load. In one side, switch to second and, at 40 km / h, listen to the engine: a periodic scraping or bumping from worn bearings or pistons.
And to sell?
It is difficult to sell his car "used car" because buyers are often in strong position (you're in a hurry to sell for example). Here are some tips to ensure the best price.
For the occasion car, choose the right season
The holiday departures and retraction are often the opportunity for motorists to change their car. Eager to go on holiday or to work (much rarer case), they are less willing to discuss the price. He must also pay attention to the type of vehicle you sell. Do not sell such a convertible in winter, its rating will not be high. Wait until the following spring and the return of sunny days.
Resale in full glory
It is preferable to split a car in full glory, because people want it. Conversely, do not sell a car at the end of series, most people prefer to wait until the news comes on the second hand market car.
Present perfect car
You would not buy a dirty car, then know that this is the case for everyone. Feel free to wash your car before the visit of a potential buyer.
It is necessary to maintain the service manual. In case of resale, you can prove to the buyer that you have the car serviced regularly.

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