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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

World's TB Day

March 24th is the world TB day. As informs WHO, through its website, tuberculosis is an infectious disease usually affecting the lungs and, with a commendable and timely treatment can prevent and cure.She is such, the importance given to it by international health authorities, which for years the disease account with an annual date to try that all people take awareness about TB and the whole set against it.Wednesday, March 24 we will conduct a new celebration of World TB Day, the disease that infects about a third of the world's inhabitants, while only 10% develop active disease, it informs the Web page of WHO adds that only about 1.77 millions people died in 2007 due to this disease, mainly in developing countries.As the website explains, this important day International was created for people to understand that this disease continues to be an epidemic in much of the world.

Why did he {she} was selected March 24 as we remember? Because he has been in that day, but in 1882, in that the winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine, the German doctor Robert Koch announced the discovery of the cause of tuberculosis, he published is important to add that the World Health Organization (WHO) is working tirelessly to get behind in 2015 reduced the tax prevalence and deaths from this disease; he informed the website of WHO.

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