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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Best Optimum Apple Serums

I can’t live without a serum. I’m not one for rich, anti ageing moisturisers at this stage of my life but I NEED to have a serum. I love to try everything from Superdrug’s own brands as they’re all cruelty free and they’re generally easy on the bank balance.

The whole cruelty free is something that’s more and more important to me. I have to admit, I should do more research on what is and isn’t cruelty free but it’s on my radar and when I find out a brand isn’t, then I’m afraid I can’t purchase from them anymore. My conscience won’t let me.

On paper I should have loved this product. I think I might have been expecting too much. After all, I’m comparing it with the likes of products at least double it’s price point and with some that have zeros added onto the end of that price! It’s basis is using apple cells to protect the skin. I’m not so certain about all that malarkey but it has argan oil (one of my fave skin care ingredients), vitamin E and B5. All those things should keep me hydrated, radiant, nourished and youthful.

I just felt underwhelmed. I had been without a serum for a little while so I could properly look at the results and I just didn’t see enough of an improvement to be excited. I’ve even waited to write this till I finished the whole bottle hoping for a last minute change of mind.

I’m not saying this isn’t a product to be purchased. I think it’s great for someone in their mid to late twenties that wants to think about protecting their skin form the ravages of time. If you’ve hit your 30’s and seen some sun, I think you might be too late for this one.

The texture is very light and absorbs really quickly. As always I put it on using a cotton pad and put an night time moisturiser over the top of it. I never felt like the serum was overloading my skin or leaving it greasy. It’s lasted a really long time as well. I would use one pump for the most part and two if I'd had a big night out, was feeling sleep deprived or generally not great.

At £15 it’s a bit of a bargain and I even managed to get mine for £10 during a special offer. Check out the link here.

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