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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Something About Fat

Many sources of information will tell you that fats are potentially hazardous elements in your diet. If this is true in general, this does not mean that the fat is not useful to a nutritional standpoint. In fact, fat is absolutely necessary to maintain good health. Fats are the dominant form of energy stored in the body. In times of lack of access to food, the fat stored in the body provides energy to prevent starvation. There are good scientific reasons that explain in fat, carbohydrates not, the body remains the dominant form of stored energy in the EU. The body can not store glycogen (the dominant form of carbohydrates in the body) in large quantities, because the glycogen has a high proportion of water and is very large. Fat, on the other hand, may be crowded together without water. They can store much more energy than glycogen in a small space.
Foods rich in fats are useful in many situations. One gram of fat (or oil) provides double the calories obtained from one gram of carbohydrate. People are doing the hard work and those traveling in cold climates need a sufficient supply of fat to provide energy as heat. Fatty foods usually contain tantalizing aromas and flavors to eat these foods in excess, are empty calories. How do you know when to stop eating? Well, there are certain fats in foods that slow digestion and give the brain a signal to stop eating. That is why fatty foods give a fuller sense of satisfaction.

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