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Friday, October 14, 2011

The importance of a colorful diet

El colorido de nuestras comidas.

We know that to maintain our health in good condition is essential that we lead a balanced diet. This means change every day the food we eat, therefore, put together a menu that includes foods of different colors. Although it is difficult to believe this greatly affects our health, as each color of vegetables and fruits is possessed of different phytonutrients, which are represented by color. Therefore, in doing so, also vary the nutrients we eat.

To make this even better understanding we give an example, foods that are rich in starch or grain in the group are usually white, yellow or brown. Therefore, if we combine in a single white meat dish with rice, we will have a variety of nutrients, and the view that the dish is not very attractive.

On the other hand, vary the colors of the dishes also helps to eat a variety of antioxidants. Although this does not mean that it is imperative that a single meal containing all the colors that are simply more different.

The colorful dishes cooking will help us maintain a balanced diet, consuming various important micronutrients that are present in our diet, in this way also we stay away from various diseases.

So let's put a little color to our daily menu!

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