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Monday, June 21, 2010

The correct approach to the replacement of engine oil

One of the most pressing issues in the care of your favorite car - this is how and when to change engine oil. Let's investigate.
On the one hand, the more you change the oil, the better. This statement, in general, with respect to any belongings. But on the other hand, replacement of motor oil rather expensive and time-consuming procedure. What there is a way out of this situation? None of the service company will call you the length of the service interval. This can be 8,10,15,20 thousands of kilometers. Either way, the solution always takes the car owner.
On replacing the engine oil may resemble any external factors or recommended by the manufacturer of oil change intervals.
The decision making process about changing the oil is simple:

1. Learning from the car manufacturer's recommendations regarding the interval replacement oils. The service interval can be found in the service book the car. This interval is an average and is calculated from air pollution, fuel quality and motor oil, car class, regional characteristics of exploitation, etc. ;
2. Determined by environmental factors, which could lead to changing the oil (except for time and mileage). The main external factors include season, operating conditions, fuel quality, and consumables. Significantly reduce the range of engine oil occasional use of the car, or vice versa regular travel a short distance, urban jams, riding in a hilly area, operating a car in the dusty air, poor quality fuel, vacuum or rapid replacement of fuel;
3. In accordance with the degree of importance of external factors are reducing the service interval recommended by the manufacturer;
4. Changing the oil.

It should also pay attention to the age of the vehicle and its service history.
General recommendations:

* Change your oil, if the mileage was 8 - 10 thousand km when using mineral or semi-synthetic oil and 10 - 15 000 using synthetic;
* Use the additive in the oil, which will help you extend the life of engines. But is it worth to note that some manufacturers prohibit the use of any additives, such as, Renault;
* When changing the oil and filter change (oil and air);
* Purchase oil only in specialty stores offering a guarantee of use;
* For automobile engines, which use of hydraulic valves in the drive, do not use mineral oil. The best option would be "semi" or synthetics;
* Change the time the rest of "consumables": candles, coolant, brake fluid, filters

We hope that our recommendations will help you!

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