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Monday, June 21, 2010


Nowadays we are witnessing the emergence of new traditions, rules and concepts in our life. In the automotive industry, and in particular in the design, there is also an interesting rule: each car group chooses the "individual" style, which uses it for their products. In this regard, the leader «Ford» with its "kinetic" design, but also the Czech carmaker «Skoda» particularly from him behind. Only the design of "Skoda" more calm, conservative. It may please many, and some not ... But unlike Ford's, no two camps "for and against, because the design of all ┼ákoda really is not a throw, there is a large number wa sharp edges, and hence the design will be plenty of fans. The new «Fabia»-bit reduced copy Skoda Roomster. Car, which was nominated for "Best Car of the Year", and hence the new "Fabia will be very successful and will be able to win a lot of buyers' smiles and joy. Design is very subjective thing, so I express only my opinion: in this case worked out the rules of globalization, which has not spread to the newest «Superb», but on the budget «Fabia» ... I can only say that if you want to find a design here, this will by no means all. The machine is not beautiful, it is very common, but it is not a design: rounded, teardrop-shaped tail lights ... do not you think that this is deja vu? But because we do not see dramatic shapes and contours, we can say that the car will be like the owner, but the admiring glances from the pavement you will not see. Despite the weak engine (only a "86 horses), the car is not
disappoint you in any town or on the road. Due to the excellent elasticity of the unit, you'll feel confident and when overtaking heavy trucks (although there still need to be careful, limited capacity), and bustling metropolis. Since car
is positioned more as a female (this is a mirror driver, and colors, and various accessories), then I would venture to suggest that bred lady would not push "the gas in the floor, and will go quietly, with feeling, properly, with deliberation.
Reliability Skoda discuss does not make sense - Czech car was collected qualitatively, and general statistics (including the German TUV) says to us that the car will cost money only on a regular TO. This is a big plus for budget cars.
The output will be simple and concise, as she "Fabius."
For the 370-420 thousand rubles you get a car in a good configuration with 1.4 engine, and if an extra charge of up to 490,000, you get the most stuff the lady's car with "automatic", which is unlikely to break down and will not bring you any inconvenience, with a spacious interior and comfortable boot, with quite good dynamic performance ... but, female)

Skoda Fabia 1.4
Body type 5-door hatchback
Number of Seats 5
Dimensions, mm Length 3992
width 1642
Height 1498
wheelbase 2462
Track front / rear 1436/1426
Trunk volume, l 300-1163
Curb weight / gross weight, kg 1060 / 1575
Petrol engines with multipoint fuel injection
Location Front, transversely
Number of cylinders 4 in a series
Bore / stroke mm 76,5 / 75,6
Displacement, cm ³ 1390
Compression ratio 10,5:1
Number of valves 16
Maximum power hp / kW / rpm 86/63/5000
Maximum torque, Nm / rpm 132/3800
Transmission manual, 5-speed
Gear ratios I 3,77
II 2,10
III 1,39
IV 1,03
V 0,81
reverse 3.18
main transmission 3,88
Front-wheel drive
Front suspension is independent, spring, McPherson
The rear suspension semi-, spring
Front brakes / rear brake disc,
Vented / Drum
Tyres 165/70 R14
Maximum speed, km / h 174
Acceleration 0-100 km / h, 12,3
Fuel consumption, l/100 km urban cycle 8,6
extra-urban cycle 5,3
Combined 6.5
Fuel tank capacity, l 45
Fuel petrol AI-91-95

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