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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Age of mythology

At the dawn of the 22th century, a new religious movement has become very popular all over the world. While his followers were in the world, more than half of them residing in North America. This new religion was a neopagan faith based upon ancient Greek mythology and theology. However it had several unique features. Was one year "aesthetic cultural regression”. Believing the early 21st century to be the peak of human cultural and intellectual curiosity, the members of the religion mimicked various Western cultural aspects of the early 21st century - Such as clothing style.

After decades of marginalization, the religious group decided to leave the Earth to the discovery of disk space that allows for folding spacecraft instantaneous "jumps" over large distances in space. They took many years to build the ships to do so, but they finally left Earth's twelve massive spaceships they called space galleons. These so-called galleons where each name is a sign of the zodiac and people on board, where almost all of the United States, Canada and Great Britain. A large majority were Americans. It Took Them more Than a Century Before They found a world Suitable for permanent human habitation.. But finally they did. Their new home They named "Kobol", after the ancient Persian word for "heaven." During the great exodus, each of galleons developed their own cultural habits. They who Became trial twelve different cliques EACH shared common ideals and Beliefs, etc...About life. They became twelve distinct "tribes".

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