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Saturday, September 25, 2010


Hi dude! Hope you all doing good and I am very cheerful to see you all again here. And, at the moment I am going to share you all my acquaintance about Seals. The order of seals includes the fur seals,sea lions, hair seals, sea elephants, and the walrus. Seals are mammals, and they stand halfway between typical mammals such as cow and dogs, and such sea mammals as whales Seals are mammals such as cows and dogs, and such sea mammals as whales. Actually, seals are descended from land a mammal, which means that at one time they had to adapt themselves to living in the water. They have not lived in the water for as long as whales have. The result is that seals are not nearly as well adapted to aquatic life as whales are. Seals cannot live under water all the time. Not only that, but their young must be born on land.

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