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Saturday, September 25, 2010


Building, house, public building, exhibition hall, facilities: the architect, contractor, is responsible for various phases of design and implementation of a structure. It occurs at all stages of a project: from designing a building to the approval of work. However, the architect has little opportunity to implement an unbridled creativity, because the constraints are many: implementation constraints, technical constraints, cost pressures and delays.

Working conditions:

Hired by a private or public, the architect performs first a feasibility study of the field. Then he made a rough sketch of the project as plans indicating the location and distribution volumes. It must take into account both the regulatory constraints and customer requirements. After approval of the customer or sponsor, he produced a draft that indicates the type of materials, colors chosen to construct the surfaces, the total estimate cost of work and completion dates. He then filed a case with the general characteristics of the building to obtain a building permit. The architect draws the plans. He contacted several construction companies and examines the various proposals made to him before making his choice .He drafted a document detailing the nature of the benefits of each trades .And the characteristics of the materials recommended that will provide the contractor with the terms of the draft.
The majority of architects working in the liberal sector. Others are employed in an agency. Some work within the public service state or territory.

The monthly salary of a young architect starting an employee of one agency is approximately € 2000 gross. The incomes of an architect based in his account depend on the size of his agency and the importance of its customers. Revenues architects are extremely disparate: from € 3,000 to € 6,000.

Career development:
The architect can develop into other functions in the areas of urban planning, landscape and decorative. It can also lead to expertise in the courts, the historic preservation or education.

To practice, it is necessary to hold the Diploma of architecture issued by the Government (DPLG). This diploma is six years of study beyond the bachelor's degree in Public Schools of Architecture.

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