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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Easter arrives, its bells ringing and dump their small eggs, chocolate bunnies and candy ... Is it the opportunity to yield to temptation or evil greed that it would be better resisted at all costs? Brillat-Savarin had already mentioned the chocolate for its "surprising taste that can not be cured in tasting again." Here are some keys to select and taste properly.

The truth about chocolate: food, health or pleasure?

Dark chocolate has a reputation for healthy food that would justify an unlimited consumption. A closer inspection, it contains 40 to 56% fat. And surprise! More chocolate is rich in cocoa plus it is black ... and he is fat!

So why do we boast the virtues of chocolate if not "diet"? Simply because a food may be praised by the Academy of Medicine for some of its ingredients, even if it is higher in calories ... But chocolate contains over 800 substances psycho, pacemakers and antioxidant.

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