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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Man With Twenty Face

The action takes place in 1949 in the capital of Teito, aristocrats monopolize most of the wealth. The rumor that a mysterious man known as K-20 and having the ability to change his appearance, flies frequently rich in incredible ways. One day, K-20 manages to trick police into thinking a circus acrobat named Heikichi Endo is the real criminal. Kogoro Akechi, a detective known, is doing everything to stop the masked thief and discover his real identity. Endo but still has a bone to pick and chose a fight with K-20.

K-20 The man with 20 faces arrived in France October 20, 2009 ...I see you already fixed the heavens in search of the masked man, but that nini is rather ray DVD and Blu-Ray of your favorite store that will focus your attention (and certainly not in Albania !).

Before play on K-20, the director Shimako Sato (yes she is a woman: girl powa is!) Was best known (somewhat) for his two films of horror-erotic-broke "Birth of the Wizard "and" Wizard of Darkeness "telling us the misadventures of a schoolgirl cons of evil demons (who pinched you for it). With a reputation for friendly, these little films allowed him to follow up on what K-20 budget film so much more than 20 million (and that's not bad for a film Jap).

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